The maritime Fleet Management System

1- Sensors & devices connected to the Woobox

The Woobox always collects the GPS coordinates and monitors the battery it is connected to. Additional sensors for engine-running, wind, secondary battery, mast & hull stress, list, valves, doors, water leakage, smoke, etc. can be attached.
Devices like pumps, lights, heaters, etc. can be connected for remote switching.

2- Woobox data processing & automation

The Woobox stores all sensor data until the next transmission via GSM or on-board satellite communication. The Woobox is also able to send commands to the ship. Thanks to the integrated automation routines, this is even possible without online connection.

3- Secure data storage

All data is saved on secure servers where it can be enriched with additional external data, like meteorological, port information, etc.

4- Data Analytics

Processes historical and recent data for better insights, also uses external data for advances predictions.

5- User-friendly interface

The Keteatech - Maritime Fleet Intelligence web platform displays the data of your ship as well as the results of the data analysis.
With our Android & iOS app, alarms can be received on user or fleet managers' smartphone.