Analysis of the data available on the servers

1- Dynamic data in servers

The data generated by the vessels is stored on Keteatech servers. Through the platform you can access them dynamically. Within the navigation module just select a period to display the route of each boats. Each waypoint is enriched with the weather forecast at the time it was recorded.

2- Historical data downloaded in csv format

You can download the data in Excel and csv format to make specific analysis. The opportunities are endless, such as searching for optimisations of routes, seeing clustering by speed, density maps of the routes made by a ship as well as creating specific algorithms on demand like saving gasoil.

3- Creation of data's historicals

This feature allows users to create custom knowledge databases to highlight what is the most important for them. An example would be the density map in the navigation module to understand where the boats spend most of their time. This flexibility allows the creation of personalized platform, allowing customer to create highly customized and advanced predictions and analysis.


These charts demonstrate the reliability of our system: hardware, software and communication.

The data has been gathered, under real conditions, from our demo boat in Palma. During only 2 weeks (January 1st 2018 and January 15th 2018) the platform has recorded nearly 11'000 waypoints, which means 1 WP every 2mn 24/7, with for each of them the local forecast and all the sensor values.

- 10800 Way Points saved
- 99,99 % matching
- 0.01 % error